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Have you made your Kentico MVC site widget heavy?8/22/2020

Sometimes adding too many widgets to a site can cause problems for content editors, there are a couple techniques you can use to ease the problem.

Kentico Xperience 13 Beta 3: What Do You Need to Know?8/18/2020

Find out about some of the new changes coming in Kentico Xperience 13, demonstrated in the third beta.

Using default values in Kentico MVC Forms8/17/2020

With Kentico MVC forms no longer resolving query string macros for default field values, let's figure out how to work around it!

Kentico 12 MVC Font Awesome Form Component8/3/2020

Learn about the new Font Awesome form component submitted to the Kentico MVC Marketplace.

Kentico 12 MVC Map Location Form Component7/27/2020

Learn about the new Map Location form component submitted to the Kentico MVC Marketplace.

Using Page Templates in Kentico MVC6/16/2020

Learn about Kentico 12's new page template functionality that was introduced with K12 SP1.